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The following notes are provided for review.


UPDATES Completed 5/14/08

The updates outlined below have been implemented and are ready for testing and additional feedback. Please enter data and discuss the results of your testing here.

PALS Recap - April 24, 2008

  • Change search to Google Search (prompted by dog versus dogs search problem)
  • check forms on how URLs are generated (leave http:// off of entry, strip and re-add in wikitext)
  • Add Presenter form needs address entry fields, whether or not the library enters this information will be based on the Release Form from the presenter (in other words, don't put personal address info on the wiki unless the presenter allows this)
  • Add a Library subcategory to allow alphabetic listing
  • Add the Quick Start Quide as wiki pages
  • Eventually open up the discussion/talk pages to visitors (see below SHLS suggestion)
  • Remove program information from Presenters, dividing program information into separate wiki pages that can either be Presenter or Library focused
  • Add Category for programs, with title and alpha title categories
  • Add Comments section at bottom of all forms for easier additional comments from other libraries
  • Develop Rules of Engagement
  • Create downloadable Release Form that can be given to presenters and returned, allowing libraries to capture wiki content and then enter
  • Remove embedded links to (Add Whatever) that are generated within the wiki pages for new Presenter, Program (SHLS liks keeping these as a quick link with follow-up edit to remove wikitext once the link is used)
  • Add Fee Category for Programs (Free, $1-100, $101-200, $201-500, > $500)
  • Add Topic/Subject Category based on initial 20-25 item list (to be developed) e.g. Childrens' Performance)

Shawnee Recap April 25, 2008

  • Keep talk/discussion closed to authors
  • Add a comment form that will send comment to [email protected] and the admins can determine if the comments should be added.

Future Training Programs

To roll out Programapedia, four training programs will be developed and offered initially to the PALS ad SHLS members:

  1. Monday, June 16, 10:30am-Noon - Basic Introduction to Programapedia (for anyone interested in visiting the wiki)
  2. Wednesday, June 18, 10:30am-Noon - Basic Programapedia Author Training (for new authors, emphasizing the data entry forms for loading initial content)
  3. Tuesday, July 1, 10:30am-Noon - Editing Programapedia Articles and Resources (for authors, reviewing mediawiki editing commands and examples from Programapedia for expanding content)
  4. Wednesday, July 2, 10:30am-Noon - Programapedia System Operations (for authors and system staff who may be willing to serve as sysops - review of article deletion, roll-back and categories)

These training programs have been recorded and archived and are available for viewing at

Suggested Subject/Topic Categories

  • Animals
  • Authors
  • Book Discussions
  • Crafts and Hobbies
  • Computers and Technology
  • Cooking
  • Entertainers
 since the entries have an age range, we don't need "Children" as a descriptor
  • Ethnic/cultural
  • Finance and Investing
What about the broad category of Business? 
Or should we add another Business category? 
And, since we have a topic area now, should we remove Business as one of our audience choices?
  • Gardening
  • Genealogy
  • Health
  • History
  • Holidays
  • Jobs and Careers
  • Nature and Ecology Could this just be Science?
  • Magic
  • Music
  • One Book, One Community
  • Storytelling
  • Summer Reading Program
  • Travel and Transportation

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